One of the unique attributes of the Pilatus PC-12 NG is its adaptability to perform a wide range of missions. Not only has this fact created a high demand for the PC-12 NG, but it also lends a versatility that owners find irresistible.


The time you spend within the PC-12 should be productive, enjoyable and comfortable. To bestow these qualities upon the cabin, Pilatus has teamed up with BMW Group Designworks to create a series of interior designs that complement the aircraft. 

To accentuate your comfort and productivity, the PC-12 features a flat floor (unlike many with a dropped center aisle), a fully enclosed flushing lavatory and a baggage area that you can access in flight.


With the ability to integrate this airplane into both your business and personal life, some people have come to call it the ultimate aerial SUV. 

Cabin Dimensions


Cabin volume (excluding cockpit)  330 cu ft 9.34 cu m
Cabin length (excluding cockpit)   16 ft 11 in 5.16 m
Cabin width   5 ft 0 in 1.52 m
Headroom 4 ft 10 in 1.47 m
Cabin floor width (flat floor)  4 ft 3 in 1.30 m
Passenger door  24 in x 53 in 0.61 m x 1.35 m
Cargo door (standard on all aircraft)  52 in x 53 in 1.35 m 1.32 m
Baggage compartment  40 cu ft 1.13 cu m